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call 1.888.818.fios. that's 1.888.818.3467. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.888.818.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. it's time to get more for your money. it's time for fios. thank you for joining us. i'm jessica doyle. jc hayward has the day off. it has been raining virtually nonstop and that could pose a problem for low lying areas. let's get right to meteorologist howard bernstein. >> we're doing okay now, jess, but we have had some very heavy downpours. depending on 0 how things shape up today and tonight, it could be a very difficult rush hour. maybe a rumble of thunder
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coming right up 95 into montgomery and howard county. going to zoom in and show you these are tropical type rains. we're talking rainfall rates a couple of inches per hour while it's raining. that's why we're looking at ponding on the roads. you see it in bethesda, arlington, rockville, gaithersburg, headed to damascus. even on 29 as you are coming out of montgomery into howard county, we are seeing heavy showers lifting off to the north. on the weather computer there's a large area of rain and thunderstorms extending from the northern gulf of mexico through the south right toward us. we've had some breaks, but we're also looking at potentially some of our best rainfall we've seen in months with maybe two, three inches by the time this system pulls away. locally more. we also after threat tonight, especially later today and tonight, for severe weather. some of these storms could contain damaging winds, and an isolated tornado is not out of
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the question. topper will have more coming up tonight. i will be back in a few. a look at that seven-day forecast and october's coming, and so is some cooler weather. there is new intention in the middle east as talks between israelis and palestinians are on the verge of collapsing. u.s. diplomats are working to restore communication. >> reporter: israeli settlers cheered as they broke ground on new homes, but the construction could derail israeli and palestinian peace talks. the work began after a 10-month ban on construction expired over the weekend. palestinians have threatened to pull out of newly revived negotiations unless israel extends the ban. but on a visit to paris, the palestinian president said he would not make any haft decisions and would take a weak to weigh his options. palestinians oppose the building of israeli settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem because they believe
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the land should be fart of a future palestinian state. president abbas urged the government to extend the ban on construction for several more months. israeli officials are refusing, worried it would damage prime minister benjamin netanyahu's credibility at home. >> ultimately only through ongoing intensive direct and serious negotiations can we hope to build a better future for israelis and palestinians. >> these are the first direct talks between israelis and palestinians in two years. american diplomats are schultzing between both sides to keep this latest round alive. rita nissan for cbs news. >> israeli settler groups are pledging to start construction on more than 2,000 homes next week. southwest airlines made a big announcement this morning. the company says it is buying airtran in a daily wore $3.4 billion. today's news comes a weak after
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continental and united airlines joined forces. airtran's shares rose nearly 4% following the news. if approved, the alliance could sees nearly 70% of passengers flying out of bwi. police hope a driver's side mirror left at it the scene of a hit-and-run will help them catch the driver. a woman remains hospitalized in critical condition following a hit-and-run crash in silver spring. it happened saturday night. witnesses told 9news now what they saw. >> i looked under the truck, and her leg is up on the axle, and she's laying face-down. her flip flops are in the middle of the road, and her phone is broke. maybe she was bringing food for her family or something. >> at this point we only know that the victim is a 24-year- old woman. police are looking for a black sedan with a mission side-view mirror. and an update to a story we first told you about on 9news now at noon.
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a second suspect is in custody in connection with with a robbery at canterbury shopping center. the man suffered stab wounds but is said to be okay. new security measures in place at a busy metro station, and it could affect your commute. lucy the changes today at the pentagon metro station on the blue and yellow lines. kristen fisher has more from arlington. >> reporter: well, these changes are going to take some getting used to, but the good news is they shouldn't add any time to your typical commute. this is all in response to what happened here last march when a man opened fire at this security check point into the pentagon. ever since, pentagon officials have said they need to move those check points farther away from the actual entrance to the building. well, this morning they finally started to do just that. so here's what it means for
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you. if you are just walking into the pentagon metro station's north entrance, then you're fine, no major changes. but if you're walking into the station's south entrance, the pentagon's visitor entrance, that's where you will see these changes. the left center walkway will only be open to pentagon pass holders. it's an issue especially on rainy days lake today because the only walkway open to metro riders at the south entrance isn't covered. the defense department is planning on a building temporary canopy sometime next month. until then pedestrians will be redirected to the north side escalators. these changes are only in effect from 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. monday through friday. but go ahead and get used to them because they will likely remain in effect until sometime in 2012 when a new check point at the pentagon is done being built. in arlington, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> there's disagreement over the impact of invite ago comedian to testify on capitol hill about a serious issue.
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comedy central's stephen colbert appeared in front of the house gash rei committee friday. he gave testimony in character. he was invited to testify about migrant workers after spending one day working in the fields. >> does one day in the field make you an expert witness? >> i believe one day of me studying anything makes me an expert. >> i thought it was an inappropriate way of conveying the message, and it perhaps diminished the value of congress. >> it would sully the good name of spertle that republican- controlled congresses have actually called to testify in the past, lake christie brinkley and elmo. >> is however, some members of the united farm workers say any attention drawn to their issue is helpful. see how nerves of steel and a steady hand made all the difference when the landing gear failed on this plane in new york. the lrkz evees gave way, now hundreds of families out
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west are wading through several feet of flood water. we'll show you how they're coping.
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right now classmates of a virginia high school football player are coming to grips with his sudden passing. 17-year-old forest peterson was killed in a crash along brook road in stafford, virginia. he was a senior and varsity football player at brook point high school. investigators say peterson swerved to avoid an oncoming traffic and crashed friday night. he died on saturday. a corn silo comes tumbling
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down in northern pennsylvania, and it's all caught on tape. it happened saturday as farmers rushed to get dairy cows out of a barn in the silo's path. none of the farmers or the cows were hurt. the barn that housed the cows was destroyed. police say this is the second time a silo has crashed on this farm. some amazing video from inside a delta air lines jet as it made an emergency landing this weekend in new york. you can hear the flight attend apartment making sure her passengers stay safe. >> stay down, stay down, stay down! >> the video shows sparks out of the window on the flight from atlanta. the lapping gear on the right side couldn't come down. all 60 people got off safely. >> no, i really think the pilot did an incredible job. he must have balanced it on one wheel, then assed it over, so
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did he a good job. i was nervous there, i will tell you. >> delta, the faa and ntsb are now investigating what went wrong with the landing gear. uncle sam has a message for our local governments. clean up the anacostia river. the environmental protection agency passed new rules. they require d.c., montgomery, and prince george's counties to remove the trash or face a $37,000 a day penalty. the district is already charging a $0.05 disposable bag fee to help clean up the river. howard is up next with the forecast. howie. >> hey, jess, it is steamy outside. the dew points are up, and that means the rainfall we can get can be locally heavy at times. we'll look at it on live doppler 9000 hd and talk about the severe weather threat. we've got a look at the radar over the past 12 hours, and the moisture continues to move in from south to north in waves. your seven-day forecast coming up when 9news now at noon
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i'm peggy fox with your monday moms like me spotlight. this is the time of year many women go back to work after having a baby, but what if you're breast feeding? why is it that more than 30% of them give up breast feeding after only seven weeks? with us is brenda hyde with washington family mag scene. you've got some great guidelines. >> yes, and this is not an easy task but the main thing is to
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create a transition plan, and that will help you more than anything else. you make sure that you know what you're going do, you talk to your boss, let them know what the benefits are to the company, and they'll support you. >> and what are the benefits to the company? >> the baby is sick less, and you're happier. you're much happier. so a transition plan and talking to your boss, and then get a breast pump. get a really good one, one that's portable, that you can start freezing breast milk at least two weeks in advance of going back to work so that you know where you're going, you know what time you're going to breast feed. it's very important that it's on a schedule. your body, just like eating and sleeping, it does it on a schedule. >> and your boss needs to understand that. if it's a man, he may not understand that you need a place to go privately, on a schedule. >> it's a law. they're supposed to provide that. but it is something that will very much benefit you and the company. >> and you should definitely give at try. >> oh, definitely. >> brenda hyde, washington family magazine, thank you so
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much. we'll have all this information on maryland's first slots parlor is now open. the casino is just off interstate 95 60 miles north of the beltway. it's home to 1500 slot machines. owners expect to create 350 jobs and generate $100 million a year in taxes. maryland voters approved slots four years ago. the casino will have unofficial grand opening on thursday. just north of cecil county, the sugar house casino now open in philadelphia. it took four years between getting licensed and opening its doors after protests from neighbors. philadelphia is now the largest american city with a full casino. authorities close roads on the south side of the caledonia levee because of the 100-year- old structure that is facing. people were warned to get out before the flooding made it impossible for emergency vehicles to reach them.
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>> my main concern is, as long as the levee don't break, how much damage we're going to have. >> even if the levee holds, flood waters are already causing damage inside homes. at least 200 homes are under evacuation orders. very serious situation. >> we've had a lot of rain. we're getting rain now. in fact, thunderstorms, believe it or not a tornado warning was issued for howard county a moment ago. strong thunderstorms, heavy rain makers pushing through. there's just enough spin in the atmosphere. the weather service seeing a little rotation for this storm coming out of howard county. we're worried about fulton, clarksville, dayton, and west friendship as these storms are moving to the north at 25 miles per hour. so we'll zoom in real quickly and show you this, then we'll take the rest of the radar tour. but you can see this towards clarksville. this little knot almost that you've got, this signature just to the southeast, let's say the virginia, near the 32 sign,
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this is what we're watching. this is a doppler indicated tornado, which means the storm has signs of rotation. there could be gusty winds. we know there's going to be torrential downpours but this is moving to the north at 25 miles per hour. that tornado warning for howard county until 12:45 this afternoon. elsewhere, up toward mount airy, it's been coming down pretty good. this is moving toward unionville and winfield. as we expand to the southern part of the county, coming toward arlington as well, this is where we're seeing some very heavy downpours. clarksburg, damascus, you have cleared for now, but look at rockville. blinding rains here along the spur by democracy here, coming in toward bethesda, and this is coming out of arlington. and some of this will extend over toward the district. let's go to the weather computer. we'll show you the showers and thunderstorms that we're looking at here on the weather computer, which is coming up
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right now from the south. a lot of moisture that we're talking about. you can see the reeves of rain that we've been having. one wave, here's wave number two. we've got three and four still down there, so some of the rainfall totals will be rather impressive over the next couple of -- well, 12 to 24 hours. today at a glance, upper 70s at 3:00, at 6:00, at 9:00, thunderstorms on and off from time to time. i've got the highs -- dropped the highs from the 80s to the he low 80s. tonight, more severe thunderstorms, 65 to 70, winds gusting to 20, even higher in any strong storms. 6:57 on your sunset. tuesday morning, showers and storms. so this evening and tomorrow morning's rush hours could be impact by weather. but a warm day tomorrow with highs in the low 80s. looking at the dew points, this tells the story. this is tropical air. dew points in the 70s.
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still have much more comfortable air with dew points in the 50s to the west. this basically says we can have some very, very heavy rainfall when we've got all this low- level moisture. temperatures have climbed into up ther 70s south. we're 77. but still holding in the mid- 60s in the shenandoah valley, and they'll likely not get into that warmer air today. 77, dew point 72. late september, south-southeast wind at 15. national reporting cloudy skies. big picture, moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico, up and down. look at this, the eastern georgia, the carolina, rate toward us. an upper low helping to get extra spin in the atmosphere. the more spin we have, the better chances for severe weather, and right now we're also watching, as we just lacked at, that storm in howard county, still that tornado warning until 1:45, doppler indicated. front is pushing through. that's helping with the spin in the atmosphere. it's just basically north of that front where you get that better chance for the severe
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weather. tonight, 9:00, some breaks, but more strong showers and storms through tomorrow morning at 5:00, then we're going to kick this out of here. potentially, though, we have another system with more rain late wednesday into thursday. so as we pick up the seven-day forecast, today 80, tomorrow 82, showers, storms, some strong through tonight. tomorrow, or wednesday, rather, 79. late wednesday into thursday, another system, mid-70s. then the cool-down for the weekend big-time. sunday 62. we're going to be right back with 9news now at noon right after this.
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welcome back. howard bernstein with you. want to update you on that tornado warning for howard county. a warning has been issued for howard county until 12:45 this afternoon. i'm looking at this area east of glen ells, north of 108, this is moving to the north at 25 miles per hour. but it has got a pronounced notch to it. it does have signs of circulation. i have not had any confirmed reports of a tornado, but i really want to get in and show you where this storm is right now. we are going to zoom in and try to throw some extra towns on for you so you get an idea where this. here's timberlily. we'll keep going to fox town farms. this storm is moving to the north at 25 miles per hour. timberly, locust ridge, cameron track, watch out. just to the west of far side
12:26 pm
here. fox den farms, you're on the west side of this, but there could also be some hail that we're looking at with this storm as it moves off to the north at 20, 25 miles per hour. very heavy rainfall with this. not really picking up much in the way of lightning. but as we look at the velocities from the next rad, we do have a tiny bit of rotation. you can see this thing quickly is moving. you see the greens, the reds, in the a big signature there, but this combined with what we were looking at with the storm system with the notches in it give us signatures that we are looking at potential for tornadic thunderstorm, so the weather service in these situations, bert safe than sorry. we will certainly issue that tornado warning to be on the safe side of things. just put it in motion. you can see how quick until is moving to the north.
12:27 pm
a very heavy, almost blinding rain as this storm moves off to the west at 25. tornado warning in effect until 12:45. elsewhere, we have other torrential downpours from lisbon south and west, generally west of 97, and this extends into montgomery county, as all of this action has this tropical connection. west of olney, blinding rains hear as well. this goes down to the beltway here. here's 355 through rockville as you head over toward 270 and 495. so this is coming right through bethesda as well. and we will continue to see on and off showers and storms as we go throughout the afternoon into the evening hours. and we are under a threat of severe weather from the national weather service and the storm prediction center out of norman, oklahoma. bigger picture showing all of this lifting off to the north, but once again it's howard county that we are watching for that potential for that tornado warning from this cell,
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clarksville, east of glen ells, northwest of columbia. this is going to be out of howard county probably in 20 minutes, but you've got this second line off to the west that we continue to watch as it all builds off to the north at 25 miles per hour. if you are upstairs, get down stairs. if you have a basement, good time to go check it out. if you don't, get into the lower level of your house, just to be on the safe side as this storm rolls through. not the most intense-looking storm here. however, when you see some of these brighter colors, when we get into the pinks, the whites, the blacks this is just torrential rain, if not hail mixing in. just a sign of the intensity as far as precipitation-wise, the intensity of the storm. one more time, want to see if we can get a better feel for the velocities coming out of this store. right now i'm not seeing anything that says tornado, but a tornado warning has been issued until 12:45 for that region. we've got some velocities, but more importantly a very heavy
12:29 pm
rain making thunderstorm as it pulls toward the north at 25 miles per hour. this will be moving in toward baltimore and carroll counties where you've had some very heavy rain already from this sanld will continue to get some throughout the day. it's moving north of 24. we're not talking about the greatest storm here. one thing that happens with tornado warnings, you can get little spin-ups, little gustnados. this may produce some gusty winds, or very briefly you may have a tornado on the ground for 5 seconds, 10 sec, 30 seconds. i think we're talking about situation like that at the worst. still though, you want to be on the careful side and take precautions as that warning is going on for another 15 minutes or so as this storm lifts it to the north with the very heavy rains. just going to good over and check one more time. we'll keep this in motion, see if we have any updates that have come in. last check, still worried about this storm passing clarksville is and we see it well north of

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